5th Grade Math News

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Week of February 29, 2016

Due Dates for Math Corrections

Weekly Skills 16 - Wednesday, March 16

Weekly Skills 17 - Wednesday, March 16

Math Benchmark Corrections - Wednesday , March 16

The 9 weeks grading period ends on Friday, March 18 which is why these corrections need to be turned in by the 16th.

What's Happening in class

After spring break, we will be learning how to classify 2 dimensional shapes according to their attributes. For example, a rectangle, square, and rhombus can all be described as a parallelogram since they all have opposite sides parallel. We will also be working on converting units of measure such as gallons to pints, meters to centimeters, inches to yards, etc.

Math Homework

After Spring Break

No Weekly Skills until after the STAAR test!

Beginning the week of March 14, students will have nightly homework that is reviewing the skills learned throughout the year.

Continue practicing math facts at home. Students take fact tests during Advisory once a week.

Study Island Contest and Extra Credit

Study Island is hosting a contest where schools that participate have the potential for some pretty great prizes. Not only can a school/grade level win but individual students may win as well.

Each blue ribbon earned are worth 3 extra credit test points a piece. So if a student completes and earns blue ribbons for 5 topics, he or she can earn 15 extra credit points. White ribbons do not count. A score of 70% or better on 10 or more questions must be completed in order to earn the blue ribbon.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Videos included are notes from class as well as helpful videos for Weekly Skills.

Areas of Concerns for Math

Wow! We are through January and have finished one week of February. It is hard to believe that Spring Break is in 4 weeks. With that being said, that means the math STAAR test will be just 3 short weeks once we return from the break.

As we continue to move through the different math content, I always include areas of weakness on our weekly skills as well as the content we are working on. Multiplication facts are the biggest area that slow students down. We are focusing on 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12s. These are the facts that we have to most problems with.

Additional areas to help at home are:

Rounding with decimals

Students do well when rounding to tens or hundreds place, but are still getting a bit confused when rounding to tenths or hundredths.

Multiplying 2 x 2 and 3 x 2 (25 x 32 or 357 x 46)

Students still forget to add the zero in the second line, multiply wrong (facts) or add wrong

Multiplying with decimals

Students still think you need to "line up" the decimal when you don't and knowing where to put the decimal in the answer

Long Division with and without decimals

Students need lots of practice. Math facts slow us down and knowing what to do with the decimal when dividing and what to do when we have a remainder. (No more remainders in 5th grade. We add a decimal and zero in order to keep dividing)

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

We focus on fractions that have different denominators so that students learn how to find equivalent fractions with the same denominator in order to add, subtract, and to subtract when it is necessary to borrow.

In addition to this concept, students need practice simplifying which includes changing an improper fraction to a mixed number.