Social Sustainability/ Volunteering

How Does Volunteering Contribute to Socail Sustainability?

Volunteer Groups

Without Volunteer Groups and the numerous volunteers, many community members would not have access to to much needed support and aid.

A local example of a volunteer group is Starlight. Starlight helps seriously ill children to recover and feel as "normal" as possible.

Social Sustainability is the ability of a community to develop processes and structures which meet the needs of its current members and also to support the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy community and equality of life. -wikipedia

Social sustainability within a community relys on volunteers and not for profit organisations, to thrive.

For social sustainability to succeed certain needs of the community members need to be met. Elderly people may need support to preserve their mental, physical and social health, many volunteer groups help to fulfill these needs, e.g. Meals on Wheels provides nutrition to elderly people who can no longer/ have trouble catering for themselves, and also socialisation with the volunteers. Other community groups, such as youth, ill, disabled and many others, are also supported and aided to fulfil their needs, which makes sure that the whole community has equal quality of life.