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Disovery Education (United Streaming)

Discovery Education - Discovery Education supports teachers in accelerating student achievement, bringing the world of Discovery into classrooms to ignite students' natural curiosity.

Discovery Education Link

· Visit the United Streaming website, and log in with your username and password. Navigate to the video(s) you wish to put on your iPad.
· Directly beneath the video preview pane on the left, choose Quicktime as the Download Type.
· On the right side in the list of video segments, right-click the small filmstrip icon located to the right of the video you want, and choose “Save Link As...”or “Save Target As...” to save a copy of the video to your computer. Be sure to name it something that makes sense! Also, pay attention to where you're saving the file.
· You’ve now taken a copy of the video “out of” United Streaming and made it available to use on your school's devices!
· Next, copy that file into your iTunes library. It's not in iPod/iPad format just yet.
· In your iTunes media window, select the file you just uploaded by clicking it once.
· Go to the “Advanced” menu and choose “Create iPod or iPad Version” (this menu item might also be called “Create iPod or iPhone Version”).
· A minute or so later (depending on the length of the video), you should hear the iTunes confirmation beep, and your video is now in the correct format. You can delete the original file you uploaded, since it is no longer needed.

A short video tutorial of these steps is available here:

United Streaming iPad.m4v


NetTrekker - is the leading educational search tool for schools, trusted by more than 1 million K-12 educators and 27 million students since 2000. NetTrekker Search curates the best educational resources from the web and makes searching safe and effective with unique learning tools to reach every student.

Learn more about the new netTrekker interface by visiting the Landing Page. You can also check out the brand new Support Center to find implementation resources, self-directed learning videos, and much more!

Using NetTrekker

Quick Start Guide

NetTrekker tutorial

Xtranormal Web Site

21st Century Skills

Xtranormal Movie Making

Science Sites
Interactives, Lesson plans, activities, FREE

Look under games for the Rube Goldberg Machine lessons, games, etc lessons, gizmos (simulations) for use in the classroom convert measurements online science games like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama-- teacher resources and information from Alabama'a Gulf Coast answer questions, feed the world! small simulations geared to younger grades many great resources with simulations, lesson plans, and quizzes k-6 resources for science - subscription necessary


Science Online Game Board
Learning Science
Build an Online Habitat
Lessons About Organisms


National Archives

Library of Congress

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Teaching American History

Smithsonian Source: Resources for Teaching American History

Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas Historical Commission (Local History)

National Geographic

Texas Council on Economic Education

Federal Reserve (Education)

Law-Related Education


Free Geography Worksheets

Apples4Teachers - Free online resources

Test Your Geography Knowledge

Geography and History Games

The Teacher's Cafe

Name that State

World Map Match Game

Funbrain - Where?

Web 2.0 - Engage Your Students

Smore - Create web pages in minutes (Smore Directions)

Tackk - Create web pages in minutes

Socrative (web based and iPad app)

Student Login

Poll Everywhere

Wallwisher - Create a wall which is a nearly blank page (a wall).

You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful! (example of classroom use)

Edmodo - provides teachers and students a secure place to connect and collaborate, share content and educational applications, and access homework, grades, class discussions and notifications. The goal is to help educators harness the power of social media to customize the classroom for each and every learner.

Brainflips - BrainFlips provides the world's best tools for creating, sharing and studying flashcards! Make flashcards on any subject and share them with your friends and classmates. BrainFlips flashcards can incorporate text, images, audio and video to learn any subject.

Studystack - Build Your Own Flashcards

TED-Ed - Lessons Worth Sharing - Flipped Videos

Kidblog - Over a million K-12 students have a voice at Kidblog. Kidblog is trusted by teachers around the world. Set up your class for free in 20 seconds - no student email addresses, no ads.

Voki - Let your students be heard with Voki. Use free version.

TodaysMeet - Set up an online room for collaboration. Super easy!

Linoit - Create an online sticky board for students to share information.

KidRex - Safe search for kids.

ToonDoo - Fast way to create cartoons. Requires sign in.

Kerpoof Studio - Learning through creativity.

Animoto - Create free 30 second videos. Be sure to sign up as an educator.

Go Animate - Make videos for free.

WatchKnowLearn - Free Educational Videos

Meet Me At The Corner - Virtual field trips

Sumopaint - Allow your students to be creative.

Project Based Learning for the 21st Century