Kelowna Geo-tour

By Maya and Brooklyn

While on this geo-tour you will go to five of Kelowna's most interesting sites and receive knowledge at each one. This educational tour will teach you how to identify different rocks, how the mountains and lookouts formed and other geography will also have the chance to collect multiple rocks at each site and enjoy a nice lunch at mission creek park.

Knox Mountain Lookout

Our first stop on this tour is the Knox Mountain Lookout. First we have to drive through downtown Kelowna then up the dirt road to the lookout. From the mountain you have a clear view of the bridge, Mount Boucharie and Okanagan Lake. You can also see the wood mill that has been in buisness for 58 years. Knox mountain was formed from 4 different processes. these processes include the plate movement, erosions, glacier movement and volcanic activity. the lake level has lowered drastically in the past 13 000 years. the water used to reach all the way up to the lookout.