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Service is about the giving of ourselves (time, energy, talents…) and the investment we make in other people. Service will lead us to where we need to be when we need to be, even when we are not expecting it. I believe once I give up control of outcomes, trust the path in front of me, and invest in helping others, my life will move in a positive direction. This direction may not be where I wanted to go or where I believed I should go, but I know if I trust the process, I will end up exactly where I am supposed to be. If I focus on servant leadership and focus on the giving of myself, only then will I truly find myself and the place where my contributions are needed.

I believe the most significant impact of our lives is how much of an impact we have on each other. Answering the questions of: What will I leave to this world? What did I do to make my community a better place? Was my life spent bettering the world and others, or did I spend my life gathering possessions or positions? What is my legacy, and how will that continue in my absence?

We are here to serve our diverse community! Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • the School Counseling Office for hosting the FAFSA night this week.
  • our Fall Sports coaches. All of our Fall Sports have wrapped up over the past few weeks. We appreciate the coaches' time and efforts with our student-athletes.

Good luck to our Winter Sports Coaches as they are beginning their seasons!


Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 13: Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 13: Grateful Friday Challenge

YES! YES! YES! We have made it to another Friday in YESvember! Interestingly, just a small change in the normal routine can make a big difference. Like changing a no to a yes, like looking for a positive way to phrase something that could be deemed bad news, like getting to rather than having to. Still, we are always up against something. There is always a great divide that separates us. And when we come up against something that causes division… you know something... FUNDAMENTAL… It is always a good idea to have open discussions about it and find common ground we can all gather around.

Today, let’s let our voices in the halls be heard as we hash out the age-old battle… When is it too early to break out the Winter Holiday Songs, Festivities, and Festive Wear? Are you on Team Thanksgiving Needs Some Respect? Or do you recognize that Thanksgiving is pretty great? Still, you are repping Team Holiday Lights and already have your radio tuned into the 24/7 Holiday Songs that are already playing on a few radio stations.

So, for this installment of the #SHSGFC, we need a sign or a signal to show which team we are supporting -- in trying to come up with something quick -- if you are on Team Thanksgiving, you get the easy job- wear your ID regularly. If you are on Team Holiday Lights, flip your ID badge upside down in your lanyard. As you are out walking the halls, stopping by the copier, checking your mailbox, on restroom duty, or just hanging out with your colleagues in the hallways between classes on this Friday -- hash it out. List the pros and the... pros for your side. Listen politely to those who might not agree with your side (which is obviously correct), and then, in the end, agree that the holidays are all pretty great and each will have their time soon enough.

Merry Thanksgiving!

With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Principles of Business Management

Kevin Wheeler and Ashley Collins from Chubb Insurance Company were at SHS this week to present to all of our Principles of Business Management classes. SHS is considering adding an Insurance Pathway through out Business Department next year, and this presentation will hopefully gather the interest to be able to offer the courses.

Athletic Department

The Athletic Department hosted the Fall Sports Awards Night this week. At the awards night, the athletic department recognized players for each team for Most Improved, Sportsmanship, Cardinal Award for the best teammate, and the highest GPA. These awards recognize athletes that model the behaviors we want to see from all our student-athletes. The teams then will have time to gather to give out other performance awards to their athletes.


The School Counseling Office hosted its annual FAFSA Night this week. Translators and representatives from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education were present to help families complete the FAFSA for their seniors. It was a great turnout this year, and the room was busy helping our families complete this process all night.

Brendan Dudas

Mr. Dudas and his Preparing for College and Career students are working on their resumes. Students first created a fictional resume for their favorite celebrity and cartoon character. Once they had some practice and determined important personal assets to list on their resume, they begin to build a resume for themselves.

Sam Hanley

Students in Mr. Hanley's College Readiness class got to take a tour of the University of Indianapolis campus, led by a current college freshman. They were able to ask questions about college life, see classrooms and common spaces, and visit a dorm room.


Educational Humor 😁

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