Canada's Defining Moments

By: Harvir Singh

Many things had happen in Canadian History from bad to good, but there's always something that makes you proud of Canada. Hard work from Canadians payed off but sometimes didn't, It sure showed how Canada was strong and had a lot of courage. All our courage, strength, and our peacekeeping had affected Canada in a positive and now we are known as the most Beautiful, Peacekeeping country in the world. The events I will be talking and explaining about are The Battle Of Vimy Ridge, The Great Crash, Trudeau Era, and finally Refugee Crisis.

Before The Attack on Vimy Ridge

The Attack on Vimy Ridge was a British plan to take over Vimy Ridge with the help of Canada. The reason why Canada and Britain attacked Vimy Ridge was because the Germans had essentially a stronghold that protected the many German force and wanted them to move. What is Vimy Ridge? Vimy Ridge was a is a long cliff/hill, located in Northern France. Previously France tried to attack Vimy Ridge and it did not go out as planned which France lost over 100,000 men.

What is the Battle of Vimy Ridge?

This battle was when the British ordered Canadian Corps to seize Vimy Ridge began on 5:30 on April 9, 1917 (Easter Monday) to April 12,1917 and was also known as Bloody Easter. The Canadian Corps were all doing well together because the four divisions haven't ever fought/worked together but this lead to Canada defeating the Germans and them taking over Vimy Ridge on April, 12, 1917. Many Canadian soldiers died, 3.598 killed and 7,004 wounded but the Canadian's came for what they wanted.
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The Creeping Barrage

The Creeping Barrage was a very intelligent idea and greatly planned during the battle. This plan was used to capture enemy trenches and to use it as a moving plan which was a artillery being shot in front of troops and which makes the dirty, sand, etc. make a big smoke like shield so that the enemy men won't see the troops coming closer.
Creeping Barrage. WWI strategies

Why was the Battle of Vimy Ridge significance to Canada

It was significance to Canada because all the 4 divisions fought in the battle and it was for the first time they ever fought and actually took over the Vimy Ridge successfully by defeating the Germans.

memorial of vimy ridge

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The Memorial of Vimy Ridge was built on July, 26th, 1936


When the WW ended, Canada's economy went down and Canada had to pay off all the debts yearly which was 164 million dollars. Europe countries did not buy Canadian products because many people and soldiers did not have a job which means they didn't have money which lead to many factories shutting down.

Later on The Great Crash

some where in the mid 20's the economy started going down because the food (ex. wheat and etc.) prices started going up helping the farmers and slowly on Canada became the 2nd largest industry in the world after Hydroelectric power production had started in Ontario and Quebec.

NEW INVENTIONS! :O or known as The Roaring Twenties!

An automobile made by Henry Ford in the 1920's


In depth of The Great Crash

When the economy was up people had money to spend now they were buying things like they were rich because they were getting rich by playing the stock market. People that were not really rich bought stuff off credit and weren't paying off the money and all of the sudden everything started to crash. On October 4th, 1929 it slowly started getting worse and worse but the end of October 24th, 1929 (Black Tuesday) the stock prices started to break down. On October 29th, 1929 it was the worlds worse drop in stock market.
Stock Market Crash 1929

Trudeau Era

Trudeau Era known to introduce multiculturalism as a official policy on October 8, 1971. Canada was the first country to ever announce this act ever. This act was to help all the new comers to encourage cultural diversity and basically let their cultural groups be noticed within Canadian society.

4 Main Major ways the Government supported Multiculturalism

1. To help promote creative exchanges between cultural groups
2. To assist immigrants when learning English or French
3. To assist members of cultural groups to overcome challenges in order to fully participate in the Canadian society
4. To assist cultural groups through their development and growth


The Multiculturalism Act of 1971 was very significant moment in Canadian history, because in the act many people were able to practice their religion and have tradition in Canada not just only that, the government would be able to develop policies too see what is needed.
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Refugee Crisis

In 2011 400,000 Syrians have passed away due to conflict in anti-government protesters. Now known as the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Since the Refugee Crisis people have been fleeing the country trying to save there families by these government fools and some reasons they leave are they see someone or there neighbors getting killed around there area and that just makes not want to stay there anymore because you would think their is a risk getting your family killed. Some main problems are that now since the winter storm had brought in snow on January 1st in the Middle East so now people are going to need some shelter,clothes, heat, food and other mandatory things or else they would have a tragic death.

Crisis Facts

- 13.5 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance

- 4.6 million Syrians are refugees, and 6.6 million are displaced within Syria, half are children

- Most Syrian refugees remain in the Middle East, in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt, slightly more than 10 percent of the refugees have traveled to Europe

- Children affected by the Syrian conflict are at risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused and Millions have been forced to quit school.

Canada Comes To The Rescue!

Couple of months ago Justin Trudeau had made a promise that we would be excepting 25,000 Refugees in Canada soon and didn't let the bombing in Paris change that promise. Recently almost 2,000 Syrians had arrived in Canada and were greeted by Justin Trudeau with big smiles, there souls were at peace for once no more thinking about if there family would get killed, it was just full peace.

Why was the Refugee Crisis significance to Canada?

This act was very important to us because it showed how greeting and peacekeeping Canada is to all races, even excepting people who that people blamed of being terrorist. America was not wanting to accept Syrian because they are afraid that terrorists might act like refugees and come into America and cause hectic and we Canadians know that not all Syrians are terrorists so now it makes Canada look better then America.