Team ROUTE 31

Thirty-One Rockstars

End of the Summer Catalog

You have about two weeks left in your August business, and plenty to offer your Customers! Finish up August strong by “offering” instead of “asking.”

  • August is the ONLY opportunity to OFFER a purse for 50% off through August 31 when your Customer spends $35 with our August special. That’s an unforgettable deal, especially since it includes our new Girl on the Go purses!
  • o You can OFFER a purse style to match every personality and your party guests will love the incredible selection available to update their look. .

    o All the great leads you’ll get from the August special will help you book fall parties! Those Customers and Hostesses will see the awesome Fall Catalog and won’t be able to resist rebooking.

  • August parties give you one last chance to OFFER those Summer retiring prints and products to Customers who have purchased in the past.

  • August is also great time to OFFER Hostesses and party guests the chance to get ready for fall sports and get a jump start to their holiday shopping.


    Summer Dream Rewards

    The countdown is on to August 31 and the end of our Summer Dream Rewards Incentive! Look at the Tracker in your Virtual Office, and see what you need to do in these final four weeks to reach your dream.

  • Make the most of a favorite Customer special in August: For every $35 spent, choose a purse for 50% off, including two new purse styles from the Fall 2013 Catalog!

  • Add two Catalog parties to your August calendar. You earn one point for every $1 in Personal Volume!

  • Share your goal with Hostesses and Customers. They’ll help you get there!

  • Remember, you earn 500 points for every Personally Enrolled Qualified Active (PEQA) recruit who enrolled April 2, 2013, or later and qualifies by August 31, 2013!

    The final Congratulations Emails will be sent on September 16 to Consultants who earned Level 1, 2 or 3 in July and August.

    Summer Dream Rewards earners have until October 31, 2013, to decide how to redeem points.

    Go for it and dream on!

    Abby Rice Thirty-One Independent Senior Director

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