Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

By: Ella Cooper, January 6, 2016, Digital Literacy Period 6

How can I create a presentation that will inform parents and kids about the pros and cons of homeschooling?

I chose this topic because I am very interested about what kids and parents think of homeschooling. You get to sleep late but what about friends? Even if you have friends, you won't see them at least five days a week, every week, (like you would in public school). Would you like to be home schooled? Consider whether or not you would like to as you read the following.

Pros Of Homeschooling

There are many pros to being a home schooled student. One pro for home schooled children is that they can eat whenever they are hungry. There is no "lunchtime." Home schooled children also don't have to wake up early, which is very hard for some kids! There is no drama which is great! Nobody is competing to be the "coolest." Being taught at home also means you have a flexible schedule. It's not mandatory that you are sitting down ready to learn at a specific time. Getting an education at home means you and your family will spend time together. With time spent together, strong bonds are formed. If home schooled, you are most likely going to be the only student! (At least in your grade). Guess what that means!? You get a lot of personal attention. If you're stuck on a subject, more time can be spent on it. If you are an expert after the first day of learning something, you can easily and quickly move on to the next one. You can also practice religion at home. Public schools don't focus on a specific religion.

Cons Of Homeschooling

There are also many cons to being a home schooled student. One con for home schooled children is that they don't have big school events like football games and some don't have school dances. Another disadvantage is that you can't see your friends every day. That is definitely a big difference between public and home schooled children. Being home schooled means you have to pay a lot of money for all of the supplies such as text books and other books. In public school, most of the materials are provided for you. Next, some public schools have team sports you can play, if home schooled, you may not have access to that. Children and parents will probably have to explain A LOT why they made their decision to home school. If you chose to home school, you will have to handle the fact that you will be behind public schooled students. Now, leading back to forming strong family bonds, sometimes being around family too much is not fun. In addition, at home, there are no "school facilities" such as a gym or a science lab. Some parents also might not have a lot of education in a specific subject.

More About Homeschooling

Did you know that home schooled children are more likely to get into a better college than public schooled children are??? Here are two quotes given by Carrie Henley, a student in our class who was home schooled for grades 2 through 4.

What is one pro to homeschooling?

“Travel is one of the biggest pros because you can travel in the middle of the year and take your work with you. Also you can have a break from school whenever and no homework.”

What is one con to homeschooling?

“You don’t see as many people every day but you can sign up for a lot of activities during the day that are a lot less crowded than on weekends.”

I think homeschooling is a great and a bad idea because of the reasons listed above. Think of all of the advantages, however, there are some disadvantages too.

Extra Fact:

Children are usually home schooled because of bullying. However, some people don't think that is a good reason to be home schooled.

This video is very important because it clearly states what advantages and disadvantages there are to home schooling. She doesn't like the fact that there are no school football games, but she does like that you can eat anytime of day!

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