Muscular system

you would be skin and bone with out me

What I do

There are 600 muscles in the muscular system and each one has a certain gob. muscles are made to build you or make your body. muscles help you move. The main organs are the heart and the brain, you would not be able to live with out your heart and brain.

how muscels work together muscle

Most of the muscles work in a pair in each pair they push and pull against the bone to make you move. they also work with cartilage. little strips of fat on your body. there are three kinds of muscles in our body. the first kind is skeletal muscle, this muscle makes you move you control it . The second muscle is called a smooth muscle, this muscle is a involuntary it works with out you thinking about it. The third muscle is the cardiac muscle. it is an involuntary muscle most of them are in the brain, heart and other organs.

The main muscles

how you develop muscle

you develop muscles by being active and working out. it is very important to have muscles if you don't have strong enough muscles your body would fail to work and you would not beabel to move.

muscles make you strong

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