MOMS Club of Buckingham North

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Just wanted to take a moment to tell you ladies that I am grateful for you! I cant tell you how nice it was to go to Buckingham Pizza on Wednesday Night. We had two new members attend and some veteran members (I being one of those). It was a very random group of ladies and it made for the perfect night! Thank you to all who attended!

Please support CHC!

Supporting our Holiday Drive

The holiday party is a Sunday Night this year. Very different from years past. I know it is a tough time of year. It begins at 7 pm on the 15th of December. Please get your RSVP filled out and mailed out when you receive it. If you are unable to attend we are still counting on you to donate to CHC a local non profit supporting single moms and their babies. We are in need of new tiny gifts for moms such as lotion/shower gel sets. Cosmetics, etc. We are also accepting baby items but everything must have tags on them! We are accepting opened packages of diapers. They are in special need of sizes 3-6. I know many of us are  cutting back this year but please consider a 10-25 dollar donation in the form of items or gift cards!

How do we choose charities?

The charities we choose are chosen by the board. We have specific guidelines to follow. The charities are not for profit and are registered with the IRS (as are we). We can not take monies out of our account for donations without your vote but are allowed to collect items and money for our not profit that we adopt. We are not allowed to give money to members or people in our community from our monies. If you would ever like to see the MOMS Club handbook, please let any member of the board know.