Red Kangaroo

By: Adrian Bari


Lets go to the dessert to see some animals. BOOM BAM PAPOW! Wait don't move a muscle because its a kangaroo. Male kangaroos fight for females. If two males like the same female, they will fight for her. You will also hear me call this animal a macropod or big foot. There are 50 species of kangaroos. I hope you are ready too hop on this trip.

Appearance & Classification

The amazing kangaroo's size is about 4 child's school chairs in length. Its height is 5-6 feet tall. This macropod weighs 50-120 pounds. Wow, Wee!, that's compared to a teenager! The kangaroo's body color for a male is red and sometimes brown and tan. For females the color is blueish grey. The covering of a big foot is fur. The kangaroo is also a mammal.

Habitat Information

Kangaroos are from Australia. The kangaroos lives in dry deserts, forests, and grasslands. The weather in a desert is very hot but no rain. The forest is hot and damp. The grasslands get rain and is very hot and dry. A kangaroo's home is usually damp, hot and rainy. They are active at night and sleep in the day.

Preditor & Prey

Macopod's predators are humans and dingos. Dingos are their top predator. Boa constrictors can sometimes be a predator too. Kangaroos protect its self by falling back on it's tail and kicking at you. They can claw you too. Also kangaroos have strong chests. So in battle, it would be protected in fights. Kangaroos will protect themselves by jumping. They can jump 25 feet in one leap. They can also jump 6 feet high up in the air.

Kangaroos enjoy eating plants and grass. It can stay alive for a long time without water. Red Kangaroos are herbivore.

Fascinating facts

Did you now kangaroos can hop 64 miles an hour? "Yikes!" . A mother kangaroo has a baby called a joey. Females have a pouch for there newborns. The female kangaroo's joey is smaller than a cherry when it is born. They also travel in groups called mobs. Kangaroos live for 15 years.


The kangaroo is an amazing animal. But they're going to extinction! Oh NO! They are being killed for their meat and fur. Also, humans are destroying population and habitat. Do you want to help save them?