What's Happening in Room 211?

Upcoming Events and Dates

11/18 Tuesday: Dine Out for Tatem

11/19 Wednesday: Mayhem Poets Assembly 10AM

11/24 Monday: Turkeys in Disguise Due

11/25 Tuesday: Word Study Test and Community Meeting 2PM

11/26 Wednesday: 1/2 Day Happy Thanksgiving!

11/27 and 11/28 Thursday Friday: No School Thanksgiving Break

Turkeys in Disguise Project

Today your children came home with a turkey and a letter explaining that they are to disguise the turkey so that it doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving. We talked about how in Piggie Pie the pigs disguised themselves to get away from Gritch the Witch. Click Here for some ideas we found on pinterest to spark thinking. They are due Monday 11/25.

Help Needed for Writer's Workshop

We are beginning a new unit on informational and report writing on Monday. Part of that unit involves matchbox cars. If you have any at home that you are willing to share with us, I ask that you please spend them in over this week.

Professional Development

The Week of November 3rd students enjoyed a week off from school. The staff was able to participate in district wide professional development throughout the first three days of that week. I found the time to be extremely worthwhile. I attended sessions on Dyslexia and spent time with grade level partners across the district to analyze student writing. I also worked closely with Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Lampman to develop and organize activities to utilize new technology and to pair authentic literature with the scope of skills being taught in Journeys. Last week I was excited to already begin implementing new information learned during that time.

Current Academic Work

Reader's Workshop

Tomorrow we are beginning Lesson 7 in our Journeys program. In Lesson 6 we read non-fiction text and noticed text and graphic features. We asked "What is this feature?" and "How does this feature help me better understand?" This week we are working on drawing conclusions. We are reading stories and using evidence to think about what the author is trying to say. While reading with your children you can ask them more open ended questions and have them go back to the text to specifically find evidence that supports their thinking.


We have concluded Unit 2 and are beginning work in Unit 3. This week the Unit 1 and 2 assessments will be coming home. Please sign them and return. I have circled things that are incorrect. Know that I will design instruction so that we can continue to practice the skills and concepts that need attention. In Unit 3 we will focus on place value, time, and money.

Writer's Workshop

This week we are wrapping up our unit on personal narratives. Students are using their writing partner and a rubric to help think about ways we can make our stories better. We are also using published authors as examples of mentors whose style we can try out in our writing. On Thursday we will share our stories as a class. Students can read each other's stories and leave a compliment for other student's finished work. Our next unit is Informational Writing and Lab Reports. We will begin on Monday.


We are completing our unit in Changes. The past two weeks we have been studying chemical reactions. We watched a balloon blow up with gas as we mixed vinegar and baking soda. We also created rust by mixing steel wool and vinegar. We saw how when two substances had a reaction something new was created such as heat or a gas. After Thanksgiving we will begin our unit on Balancing and Weighing.

Contact Information

As always, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.