New Year, New News Letter!

Social Studies updates from team 7-1!

This Quarter in Social Studies...

In the weeks before break Team 7-1 socials studies classes jumped head first into our exploration of Europe. Student's excelled at creating clues for a game of guess that country and we created a timeline of European history, working in collaborative groups with students from team 7-2. Using online resource students developed timelines of 11 different time periods throughout European history. We spent two days in class rotating and presenting to each other, building one giant timeline that stretched from Ancient Greece and Rome up to WWII. Students from the 6th grade visited our timeline walk and the students of 7-1 and 2 were able to present to a new audience. I've shared an example timeline below!

As our unit on Europe draws to a close, students are learning about the European Union and exploring the advantages and disadvantages of being a member state of a larger multinational organization. The unit assessment will give students the opportunity to research a topic related to a problem facing the European Union today.

Our next unit is in Central America, just in time for winter to really get chilly, so stay tuned for the next 7-1 social studies update!

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