The New York Informer

By: Jeffrey Wright

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

L. B. Jefferies, a photographer who was injured staying at the Greenwhich apartments had a lot of time to people watch through the rear window of his apartment. In doing so, Jefferies came across a couple in the apartments across from him who looked like they had a struggling marriage. Then one night Jefferies heard a scream which seemed to come from the couples apartment. That same night at about 2 a.m. Jefferies witnessed the man leave his apartment in the rain with a large metal suitcase, and on several other occasions that night. There was no sign of his wife anywhere. Later the next day, Jefferies saw the man suspiciously looking out his window, then he saw him cleaning a large saw and machete. A few days later Jefferies and his nurse Stella spotted two moving men carrying a large trunk from the man's apartment. They tried to find out more information on the moving tuck but failed. Jefferies noticed a dog digging in the mans garden one occasion, next time the dog was seen it was dead from being strangled. Jefferies and his girlfriend Lisa wanted evidence and were willing to take a step forward. Lisa broke into the mans apartment to search. Lisa found the wife's wedding ring then the man came home while she was still inside. The man started to grab Lisa so Jefferies called the police. Lisa signaled to Jefferies that she found the ring and it was on her finger but the man noticed what she was doing. The man was on to them and once the police were gone he went after Jefferies to kill him. Seeing that Jefferies is in a wheelchair, the man charges Jefferies and throws him out the window only holding him by his shirt. But the police are still nearby and see Jefferies dangling from the window and quickly run to aid and to arrest the man. Lars Thorwald was the man and was arrested for the murder of his wife after admitting to everything. Thorwlad chopped her up then dumped her body piece by piece into the East River.

Feminism in the 1950's V.S. Now

In the 1950's women had a much different role then they do now. Back then women were seen as much less than they are in today's society. Their job was to be the house wife in most occasions. To stay home and take care of the kids and clean the house. Prepare dinner for the hardworking husband for when he comes home. If a women was to have a real job she was paid much less than a male employee. Women didn't even have the right to vote for their countries president in the 50's. Now women have all the same rights and opportunities as men do and can live their life as they please. We even have a female presidential candidate running at the moment.