Manager Wanted

Must be Efficient in...

  • planning- making decisions for the good of the company
  • organizing- determining how the plan can be accomplished
  • implementing- carrying out the plan
  • controlling- evaluating how the plan was completed

Required Skills

  • Good Communicator- to effectively manage others and make it known if you have any questions/concerns
  • Relationship Builders- to be able to work and get to know co-workers and costumers
  • Decision Makers- you must be able to make informed, accurate decisions that will effect the company
  • commit to current and future success of the company
  • recognize the importance of employees
  • identify resources necessary to carry out plans

Preferred Management Theory


We focus on organization and efficient, effective procedures.

Employee value is very important and we do our best to make sure you know know this.

Theory Y- Be involved!

Five Resources

  • people
  • money
  • facilities
  • equipment
  • materials