Jackie Robinson Perserveres!

By: Lily H. Pd:3

Robinson fights for his way into baseball!

Summary of Example 1: Robinson has to fight his way through all the fans, umpires, and newspapermen. Nobody was on Rickey’s and Robinson’s side. They have to show that Rickey is doing this because Robinson is a great ballplayer, and deserves to be on the Dodgers (Page # 293).

Robinson faces the physical side of baseball

Summary of Example 2: If Robinson was going to play on the team he would have to be able to stay strong when people would call him names, physically abuse him, and throw beanballs at him. He would have to ignore them and focus on playing baseball (Page # 294).

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Picture Source. Jackie Robinson steps up to the plate even though he is going to face many different types of abuse.

In the Big League

“I wasn’t just another athlete being hired by a ball club. We were playing for the big stakes.” (Page # 293).

Preventing Disillusionment

“We go through life walking a tightrope to prevent too much disillusionment.” (Page # 291).

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Picture Source. Jackie Robinson signing his contract to play baseball, with his new coach Branch Rickey.

Citing The Story!

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