Concert Percussion Clinic

The basics a percussionist needs to know! By Leigha Woodard

Concert Percussion

The clinic will go over the basic techniques for the major percussion instruments that are most commonly used in the world of concert band. It includes how to play crash cymbals, suspended cymbals, the bass drum, the snare drum, melodic instruments, the tambourine, and the triangle.

Why Concert Percussion?

Concert percussionists at the beginning stages often overlook the technicality of how to approach and play an instrument properly. Take the triangle for example, it is one of the simplest instruments to play, yet most beginners are not taught how to properly play it. Believe it or not, it can have a different tambour or sound to it if played improperly. Percussionists must be taught from the beginning how to get the desired sound out of an instrument, so it lays the foundation for future technique and information.