My Bucket List

Amazing places that I want to go in the world

Diving into water falls

I want to dive into a waterfall at Glacier National Park in the United States. all the rocks around the waterfall are a form of physical weathering and when the water is running down the side of the rock, all the pressure is rubbing against the rock and is carrying little pieces away which is part of erosion. I would take my family and a group of friends to the waterfall and we would have a blast

Skydiving to the ground

I would like to go skydiving at Central Florida. When you skydive around rocks the wind will break all the soft part of the rock away and will only leave the hard part of the rock, this is an example of physical weathering. Wind will carry away the soft rock that has left the the rock from weathering and will carry it a long way. I would take my friends who are scared of heights because i would love to see them pee in their pants
Skydiving at 100 years old

Scuba diving inside underwater caves

I would like to go scuba diving in Australia or New Zealand. The water pressure that the water has on the rocks would make it be physical ersoion. If I had to take someone with me it would be my friends who knew how to swim because I don't want to save their life when I am having a good time.

Go to a beautiful beach in Hawaii

I would like to go to a beach in Hawaii. The pebbles and the sand that get smashed with water and all the pressure it has is an example of physical wheatering. The water would carry some of the sand and pebbles down into the ocean which is erosion. I would take a group of friends so we can enjoy ourselves with the sweet smell of flowers

Skiing in Japan

I would like to go skiing in Japan. The wind would move the snow down the hill which is an example of erosion. Physical weathering is when the skis break the snow apart into smaller pieces on the the surface on the mountain. I would take family because we can have races to see who can get to the bottom the fastest and because it would be funny to watch everyone fall