Andrew Jackson Is A Zero

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Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson made the Native Americans move out of their land in the Eastern United States to the Oklahoma Territory which took a long time to get there but also the Native Americans lost a lot of their population.

The Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson passed the Force Bill that made South Carolina pay their taxes which was unfair to them because the North that didn't major ports like how South Carolina has Charleston. The imports from other countries took a toll on the population because they had to pay tariffs for all the imports which helped the North but not the South.

National Bank

Andrew Jackson took down the National Bank with the Removal Act which was not good for the poor but was really good for the rich. The rich would have to give their money away to the poor to keep a stable economy in the U.S.
Andrew Jackson - political commercial
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Description of Cartoon

Andrew Jackson is knocking down the National Bank with the Removal Act. The man next to Andrew Jackson is wealthy man that was happy because the bank helped the poor and the rich didn't benefit because the rich lost money.