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Gorzycki Community BLEND Page Information

Gorzycki MS is using BLEND to continue learning while schools are closed.

  • BLEND is our district's version of Canvas LMS, a tool that the University of Texas and other K-12 districts, colleges, and universities around the country are using to support instruction. This is why BLEND email/text notifications say "Canvas."

  • Teachers are still getting comfortable with BLEND and are using it to varying degrees.

  • ALL Parents/Guardians have "Observer" access to BLEND. This means that when they click on BLEND through the portal or download and set up the Canvas mobile app, they will automatically be able to view any published content for their child's courses.

  • Parents will ONLY be able to see individual responses and teacher feedback for their child, not for the entire class.

  • TEAMS is still the grade book of record. Parents should still access overall course grades through Self Serve, but if a teacher is using BLEND to grade individual assignments, parents can view those assignment grades in BLEND.

Students are already familiar with BLEND!

Our Tiger students have used Blend in many of their classes already, so many of them are already familiar with the platform. Ask your students for help and let them teach YOU!

Connecting to Blend

How do Community Members Connect to our Campus Community Course?

Before they can access BLEND, parents will need to set up a Parent Cloud Account. These resources are designed to support parents with this process. If a parent or guardian needs support with their account setup, they should call the Parent Help Desk at 512-414-9187

Start at the AISD Portal: https://portal.austinisd.org/

PDF Step by step Setup

PDF Step Setup(Spanish)

Helpful Blend Information

These printable documents provide parents/guardians with key information about BLEND.

BLEND Parent 1-Pager

BLEND Parent 1-Pager (Spanish)

Multiple Languages Supported

This page contains helpful BLEND (Canvas) guides in multiple languages.

BLEND (Canvas) Guides - Guías - 指南中文版

Parent Setup Walk-Throughs

These links will take parents to short screencasts that demonstrate what BLEND looks like from the parent "observer" view.

BLEND Parent Access Screencast Video

BLEND Parent Access Screencast (Spanish)

Parent BLEND Access English
Parent BLEND Access Spanish


This link will direct parents to another BLEND course with very detailed information about how BLEND works. The course is available in English and Spanish.


MackinVia E-Books

It is so great to see our students using MackinVia for their e-books! Tigers (and Tiger parents!), remember that you can access MackinVia e-books and audiobooks on your Chromebooks and through the app!

We just had more than 300 new e-books and audiobooks loaded into MackinVia, check one out today!

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