The Reformation

by Gabriela Marquez

What was the change?

The Reformation is a change, a big one. It was a religious movement changing the catholic church. The cause of this was cause the Catholics weren't loyal. Indulgences was the problem of the church priests were giving pardons for sins. Martin Luther created the 95 theses on October 31, 1517 attacking the church and that's when the change began.

How did this change impact society?

The church had already been split up for other reasons but now its split up even more. Martin Luther was excommunicated from the catholic church, but he made his own religious group called the "Lutherans". They believed that ONLY thing you need for salvation is faith, his teachings were strictly from the bible only. Other people and the Lutherans were considered to be protestant that mean't to be against the pope. This was the start of the church splitting up even more like how we have it today.

How did this change impact modern society today?

This changed many things in society, for example all the different churches that we have today and the tensions we have between catholic churches and the others