Weekly Update

May 2, 2016

Important Dates

Reading/Language Arts Vocabulary Quiz Friday (List shared on Google)

Reading SOL: May 20 & 23

Math SOL: May 26 &27

Science SOL: June 2


I'm not sure how an entire month went by without a fun SMORE newsletter update! I went old school using boring old email! I hope your family has enjoyed the SMORE updates; my goal was they would give you an opportunity to easily understand the workings of our class, view some of our technology and pictures (when technology works and I can actually post them!)

We have been analyzing a variety of poems and reading two poetry novels, Love That Dog and currently, Hate That Cat, both books are by Sharon Creech. Please see below for one of our most recent poems that we annotated as a class. Students continue to RTS and write about what they are reading. We have enjoyed two Socratic Seminars that are a perfect combination of language arts and science. Our first seminar was on Stonehenge; students watched a short video and then took part in a wonderful discussion of this "famous rock"! This past week, students learned a bit about Alfered Wegener and the theory of Continental Drift; this time students worked together to write the key ideas and questions used in the seminar. Pictures below! :) We will wrap up this last science unit learning about the movement of tectonic plates and a bit about volcanoes and earthquakes.

I hope you have had the opportunity to do a bit of Study Island with your student. It really benefits students to process practice questions with another person. I told the kids that discussing the questions and which answer they want to pick is important thinking practice! :) I want all of the kids to have a good balance of SOL practice along with not missing out on the fun of reading for pleasure. Please encourage your kiddo to do Study Island for reading and math practice. We are just a few weeks away from our SOL tests.