Say "No" to Gun Bans

Gun bans won't solve anything!

Let's Put a Stop to Unnecessary Gun Regulations

Gun restrictions are surface level solutions to the true underlying problems. As American's, we must protect our second amendment rights and ensure that they are not taken from us. The regulations being put in place by the federal government are not fixing the real issues. No matter what kind of bans we put on guns, crimes will still occur. These laws only hurt the law abiding citizens of this country and not the real criminals.


  • Starting July 4th, 2014
  • As long as we can stay in and around the Capitol Building.
  • At Capitol Hill- First St SE, Washington, DC

How Will We Protest?

Come to Capitol Hill at around 2:45PM. We do not want any more gun bans and we want to reverse the passed legislation that is restricting our rights, as free citizens, to bear arms and protect ourselves and our families. To do this, we will gather the first group in the Capitol Building under the guise as a single tour group. When we gain access to the Senate and House Chambers and the Rotunda we will announce our intentions and barricade the entire area. Remember, this is not to be a violent protest, no weapons will be present and no one will be attacked. We simply want to disrupt the government function enough to make our point and then leave. Outside other groups will begin marching and making our message known.

Things To Know

  • Who Will Be Leading?-The protest will be led by the NRA and its CEO, Wayne LaPierre. LaPierre is a major gun rights advocate who strongly believes in the right to keep and bear arms. LaPierre has influence in the political and social realms and will make an excellent leader.
  • Why Now?- As of February 14, 2014, the debate over gun rights resurfaced in the forefront of American politics. On that day, the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California upheld that law abiding citizens should have the right to carry concealed weapons. This is a major step forward for the good of our cause and we must take the opportunity to show the government that people from many areas of the United States support the 2nd Amendment. In addition to this, the recent passage of legislation to restrict and ban certain types of guns has concerned many citizens. This will be the momentum we need.