Service Occupations Informational Flyer - James Howe


3 Ways To Be Safe Are...

  1. Do Not Swing Any Equipment.
  2. Do Not Use Any Broken Equipment.
  3. Put Out Wet Floor Signs For Wet Floor Areas.

Cleaning Schedule

A Way To Demonstrate All Equipment And Areas Are Cleaned by Following Days or Times.

Cleaning Products

3 Cleaning Products are Window Cleaning, Sanitizer, and Floor Cleaner.




2 Ways To Clean Windows Are with Window Spray Cleaner and a Yellow Rag and a Squeegee With Squeegee Bucket.


3 Items We Disinfect In The Hospital Rooms, are light Switches, Desk And Chairs, and Phones And Remotes.

Bed Changing

Is To Prevent From Getting Sick While Laying In Dirty Sheets.

4 Techniques To Sanitary Bed Changing, are Do Not Hold Sheets Against You, Roll It All Up, and the Tag Must Be Facing Up, and Put The Sheets In The Pillow Case.