The Hunger Games

Author:Suzanne Collins by Sydney Barnes and Jillian Carey

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tributes

The tributes from district 1 are Marvel and Glimmer. From 2 are Cato and Clove. From 5 is Foxface. Rue and Thresh are from district 11 and Katniss and Peeta are from 12. (The other Tributes are not listed in the book.)

Katniss and the Games

Katniss Everdeen is an 16 year old girl. She lives in District 12 out of 13 Districts. Each year the capital draw two people (12 and older a male and a female) to go to the Hunger Games. This year Katniss and the bakers son Peeta were drawn. The Hunger Games is when 24 people fight to the death until there is only one person left.

The arena

The Hunger Games take place in what is called the arena. It has an invisible wall so the tributes can't get out. This particular year is the 74th annual hunger games. Before they get to fight to the death they have to wait 60 seconds in a metal circle. Why the do that is so the tributes can see the cornucopia (the golden cone with the backpacks).
Rue's whistle
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