Government Dealing With Crime

By Hirad

Government stopping kids from getting into crime!

Crime is common these days , and i started wondering what is the government doing about that.So i researched about how is the government helping teens not turn to crime.Most crime is happening from 14-25 year old and that means a lot of teens are turning to crime.There is a organization called the Crime Prevention Center. What they do is they stop kids from doing crime and im going to be talking about that.
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The number of police is increasing and crime is decreasing

there is a concern in policy in Canada because of rising police costs because crimes have got much lower in the past few year.Between 2001 to 2012 the population of police in Canada increased by 8.7%.The crime rate decreased by 26.3%. Real per ca-pita police from 1986 to 2012 increased by 45.5% and the criminal incident per officer declined by 36.8%.Policies do much more than just deal with crime.They have to deal with social behavior .Also there is a change of technology for police and criminals .


The provincial and territorial government is a important to National Crime Prevention Strategy. They can identify the groups issues and try to solve it so they don't turn to crime they also investments money .They can find groups that bring interventions to prevent crime.The amazing team work between province, territories, and the NCPS is great crime fighting

organization. The federal also works towards stopping crime joined by the provincial and the territorial are a group working on crime prevention are working together to keep community safety.
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The Federal, provincial, and territorial government

They are helping keep communities safe by trying to help teens who are or are close to turning to crime so Canada could be a safe country.They also do this so the lives of the teens can be better instead of their lives being wasted on crimes!
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Neighborhood watch is when your neighbors can report any crime. They are forced to be in some streets by the government. If some one does burglary, speeds, or robs the citizens can report to the police. Also if teens are going to do crime or are smoking illegal drugs they can report to the police !
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Who does crime!!!!

Its clear that male humans commit much more crime than females.In UCR data,male commit 81% of crimes in the world.About 63% of all crimes were property crimes.Victims said men commit all most all the violent crimes they have seen, studies show that male have out paced females in serious street offence.When it comes to crimes men always have a lead.Most crimes are in late teens and people in their twenties.Age does affect crime.Most crimes happen from people who are 15-24 they have done about 40% of crimes and arrest even though there population.