Max R. Traurig Library

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Reserve Textbooks

Textbooks are now available at the circulation desk! They can be used:

  • anywhere on campus
  • until the library closes that day
  • after giving collateral and agreeing to abide by the rules

Please share this information with your students!

more questions asked, more questions answered

In 2011-12, the Reference staff answered 21% more "ready reference" questions and 28% more "extended reference" questions than in 2010-11.

Ready reference questions are things that can be answered quickly, such as looking up a book title or helping reset a password. Extended reference questions are in depth research questions that require librarians to spend significant time assisting the student or other library user.

things to know about the library

Did you know we...

  • offer library research instruction to any class at NVCC?
  • will create a custom online research guide based on your class?
  • will purchase library materials upon faculty request for the collection?
  • will provide you with information to assist with your program accreditation?
  • have a group study area equipped with a media:scape collaboration table, and will demo the equipment for your class?
  • offer interlibrary loan for articles, books and more?
  • have state of the art equipment for those with low vision or blindness?

Believe it! Visit to request any of these services!

Coming this fall...