Jason's Gold

By Joey Dale


The first theme of this book would be sacrifice because Jason so much time and effort just getting to the Yukon. He traveled all the way from New York back to his home town Seattle, once he arrives he realizes that his two older brothers have already left for the Yukon and have taken his half of their fathers inheritance. In order to catch them he sneaks aboard a ship taking him to the Yukon with only some clothes and a sack lunch, Later he is ratted out as a stow-away he is thrown off the ship and beaten.

The second theme of this book is determination, after making it two the beginning of the Gold rush in Skagway he begins to follow the trail with thousands of other miners known as the dead horse trail he realizes he must turn back after seeing a horse literally trampled in half and a man drowning his dogs but before downing the last dog Jason saves it and the man kills himself. But after all this he returns to skagway and tries the other mountain pass and succeeds and makes his way down the Yukon river to Dawson city where he is reunited with his brother and discovers the had started there own wood mill.

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