Washington Candles

Rusti Bassett

Never Burn Your Fingers Again.

With this candle holder, you will never have to tip the candle over to light it. They come in different colors, like; black, purple, green, and blue.

What You Have To Do/Need.

With this candle holder all you have to do, is light the match and stick the match in the little opening. Just make sure that you start at the top and not at the bottom because it will not fit. What you need, is just a scented candle and a match.

Limited Edition, Hurry Come Get Your New Candle.

Washington Candles

Not only do we sell the candle holders, we sell varieties of scented candles. From Cotton Candy, to Rain. We sell; matches, scented candles, and candle holders. We take pride in our customer service, we have the best customer service around. Our store has the best quality candles, they do not run out of scent.


Small Candle Holder- $10

Medium Candle Holder- $15

Large Candle Holder- $20

Box Of Matches- $3

Shipping And Handling- $7.99

Washington Candles

We, Washington Candles, commit ourselves to satisfy the customers of the United States. Our product will never fail, we have the top best selling product of the United States. We commit ourselves, to give the community what they want, and what they need.