Zeus, God of haven and Earth

Made by: Joshua Schamp

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  • Married to Hera
  • Roman Name- Jupiter
  • Mother- Rhea
  • Father- Cronus
  • Immortal
  • God


  1. Perseus
  2. Hercules
  3. Hephaestus

My 10 facts about Zeus!!

  1. He grew up in the island of Crete.
  2. His father Cronus intended to swallow him.
  3. His temper affected weather.
  4. He had many different lovers other than Hera.
  5. The appearance of Zeus was strong and imposing, with long curly hair.
  6. Ruler of all Gods
  7. His weapon was a thunder bolt.
  8. He lived in a Golden thorn on Mount Olympus.
  9. He was the 6th child born
  10. He is also know as...
  • Lord of the sky

Why I choose my God and how my choose represents my personality

I choose my god because he is the leader of all the gods. I choose him because I wanted to learn more about him. He also sounded the best from notes. I also chooses him because he is strong.He represents me by his weapon which is a lighting bolt. I like his weapon because I like watching lighting storms. What I like to watch is the the bright blue flash in the sky. He also represent me by how he is a leader and so am I. He also represents me because on of his symbol so are an eagle which is my favorite animal. He also represents he my how he is the God of heaven and earth which are places that I what to live and hope one day to live at.
Greek Gods: Zeus