1st Impressions Recognition

June 2, 2013

Dear Team,

May was a truly incredible month with awesome sales, many promotions, and many new additions to our team. Welcome to all our New Stylists!!!! We are absolutely thrilled that you've joined our Stella & Dot Community and cannot wait to help you reach your dreams!

OPPORTUNITY CALL TONIGHT: Our team, the 1st Impressions falls under our larger team, the Crown Jewels. CJ Platinum Director Lindsay Walsh will be holding an Opportunity Call tonight for anyone interested in hearing about our business. If you know of someone who may like to listen, please pass the word on with the details below.

Also, if you are a New Stylist or a seasoned stylist who'd like to brush up on how you explain the generous Jumpstart program, please join Lindsay tonight for a NEW STYLIST TRAINING.

Did you watch Saturday's Buzz?!

BIG NEWS to help you reach your goals in June!:

Dot Dollars, Hostess Bonus Days, $450 Sign Up Special, Stacking your rewards for Product Credit!

Be sure to check out the lounge for all the amazing details!

Our SUPER-STAR-SELLER STAR JULIE LUTZ DID IT AGAIN!!!! She stands at the Top of May Sales for the entire company with $20,089!

Here's Julie in the middle of our NYC Glam Getaway in March 2012 (no, we didn't have any fun). I wish we could all do this with you right now Julie! You are such an amazing woman who continues to astound us monthly. Way to go my friend!!!!! Looking forward to toasting to all your success at Hoopla!


These fantastic women busted many moves and are now justly rewarded with layered incomes. Congratulations on your promotions my friends!


Sarah Anderson

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye

Holly Henderson (DOUBLE PROMOTION!!: from Stylist, to Lead, to Senior in 1 month!)

Suzette Lipker

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich


Holly Henderson

Jo Markwick

Kasey Corsello

Julie Gilbert

Stephanie Hancock

Nicole Rieser

For those of you going to Hoopla, get ready for your special celebrations with Anita and Danielle! And Lead Stylists, we can't wait to see you walking around with your exclusive bag!

These stylists shared the opportunity and helped their new stylists QUALIFY last month:

Look at all the numbers of new stylists who qualified!

Valerie Lawrence GBR 3

Laura Alexander USA 3

Carrie McGraw USA 2

Alicia Hackney USA 2

Sarah Anderson USA 2

Holly Henderson USA 2

Kate Stone USA 2

Michelle Whitney USA 2

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich USA 2

Heather Dodge USA 1

Heather Stephens USA 1

Kristen Weiss USA 1

Gillian Zanre GBR 1

Gillian Zanre GBR 1

Kim Bender USA 1

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye USA 1

Catherine DeMello USA 1

Rebecca Meehan USA 1

Lynn Montgomery USA 1

Pamela Thomas USA 1

Amy Bouvy USA 1

Kasey Corsello USA 1

Stephanie Gaiser USA 1

Julie Gilbert USA 1

Stephanie Hancock USA 1

Christine Herr USA 1

Suzette Lipker USA 1

Danielle Deyo USA 1

Katie Dreher USA 1

Rebecca Maas USA 1

Maryshannon Maynor USA 1

Nicole Rieser USA 1

CONGRATULATIONS to our 30% Commission Earners for May!:

Julie Lutz $20,089.26

Meredith Goldstein $9,612.50

Andrea Yanoff $9,437.36

Heather Stephens $8,164.66

Deborah Brosnan $7,515.31

Isabel Stover $7,191.10

Aree Wichman $6,565.32

Michelle Whitney $6,306.26

Laura Alexander $6,178.43

Katie Dreher $6,002.63

Sarah Pearsall $5,846.21

Natalie Knowles $5,242.75

Dauphine Titomirov $5,242.00

Carrie McGraw $5,024.83

Alicia Hackney $4,780.50

Suzette Lipker $4,681.20

Susie Pala $4,490.00

Melissa Boyle $4,472.50

Colleen Yoo $4,457.86

Julie Gilbert $4,279.00

Ginger Pingree $4,240.25

Rima Larson $4,178.74

Kristen Weiss $4,116.25

Rebecca Ivey $4,096.83

Sophie Mitchell $4,082.94

Kari Becker $3,703.67

Katherine Pratt $3,678.50

Amy Leibowitz $3,575.82

Mary Engel $3,254.50

Shelly Hunt $3,185.95

Nicole Rieser $3,145.50

Ashley Nickerson $3,087.85

Pamela Thomas $3,038.62

Courtney Jonke $2,898.51

Ruth Marks $2,850.00

Melissa Stevens $2,836.25

Jane Donovan $2,758.00

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye $2,724.11

Cyndie Femino $2,705.00

Tina Reilly $2,593.00

Rachel Murray $2,589.50

Marita Mullen $2,567.75

Kristina Spillane $2,544.18

Valerie Lawrence $2,501.03

Jennifer Eschel Forrest $2,461.00

Stephanie Gaiser $2,448.50

Sarah Mills $2,436.33

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich $2,432.25

Adrienne Bonds $2,387.25

Gretchen Stamp $2,365.75

janet walsh $2,364.00

Tye Moore $2,321.48

Angela Killian $2,312.20

And a BIG KUDOS to our FREE Business Supply Earners who Qualified with at least $500 in May sales:

Catherine DeMello $2,285.35

Marnie Kamensky $2,223.53

Kate Stone $2,193.00

Vanessa Young $2,034.00

Iida Borges $2,030.00

Michele Mosher $2,024.86

Allyse Jorgensen $1,988.80

Bethany Mandell Chayrigues $1,905.75

Tamara Solomon $1,844.50

Hilary Lambert $1,843.30

Deidre Rudich $1,810.10

Carina Aggor $1,772.38

Gillian Zanre $1,769.22

Krista Jaekle $1,765.50

Elizabeth Hanlan $1,759.00

Andrea Bobke $1,742.00

Holly Henderson $1,739.50

Gina Fallon $1,734.50

Sandra Shim $1,710.50

Melissa Spiers $1,690.00

Nicole Petit $1,663.00

Kim Bender $1,654.50

Erica Gearin $1,628.00

Kate Gerry $1,604.00

Sarah Anderson $1,594.00

Deborah Tranten $1,553.25

Jennifer English $1,501.00

Kasey Corsello $1,483.00

Stephania Moretti $1,469.00

Abbie Micucci $1,458.27

Caroline Inman $1,419.00

Denise Robillard $1,414.00

Amanda Booth $1,386.00

Hailey Potok $1,360.00

Lisa Cook $1,346.00

Amy Heidke $1,332.00

Laurie Mandato $1,323.50

Marie Nyland $1,314.49

Kerry Vinson $1,286.20

Margaret Fontecchio $1,283.75

Caralee Levinson $1,277.00

Alicia Stedman $1,223.47

Jo Markwick $1,218.14

Amber Murphy $1,184.00

Johanna Wong $1,165.00

Nicolette Milano $1,157.05

Linda Hickey $1,137.00

Lorna ODonnell $1,127.51

Randee Kushner $1,093.00

Lesa Bricker-Reich $1,071.00

Julie Berrigan $1,051.50

Inga Cosway $1,049.94

Krista Coppolino $1,019.97

Christina Acampora $1,005.44

Nicole Bengtson $997.58

Patricia Allen $990.20

Patricia Butler $987.00

Kelly Hall $963.62

Christine Herr $953.40

Sarah Andolina $941.00

Ashley McDonnell $896.75

Katie Vance $894.00

Jennifer Young $872.00

Belen Lazaro $868.00

Julie Griswold $865.54

Sarah Ham $858.31

Michalah Burrows $852.50

Marlene Culhane $838.50

Dulcie Omonubi $821.66

Megan Jones $821.03

Maryshannon Maynor $813.30

Michelle Smyth $806.00

Donna Camarda $795.00

Paige Clairmont $793.50

Rhonda Platania $788.00

Lynn Montgomery $764.35

Robyn Flynn $762.20

Amy Wellman $752.50

Erin Salvetti $745.75

ryann cleary $744.45

Anna Laskowska $740.50

Michelle Murphy $738.00

Helen Plummer $735.00

Kathryn Caiazzo $731.00

Deborah Dehart $717.10

Linda Billings $714.00

Lauren Power $696.00

Amy Rasch $683.00

Loretta Courtney $680.37

Susan Landowski $680.00

Rebecca Maas $673.00

Stephanie Hancock $670.00

Claire England $659.58

Kimberly O'Brien $654.60

Catherine Pace $654.00

Rosemarie Connell $653.48

Michelle niemi $637.38

Stephanie Toporowski $637.25

Danielle Deyo $631.25

Leemor Katz $616.00

Marlee Mauvis $601.00

Leanne Pyra $598.00

Alison Ring $596.00

Julie McKee $593.78

Colleen Wilcox $588.75

Sheila Jackson $587.50

Mairi Scott $574.71

Nova Mercan $567.09

Lauren Greeley $564.00

Monica Jones $546.50

Valerie Austin $544.00

Cheryl Burchfield $536.00

Karin Karlsen $534.54

Heidi Valentin $530.00

Eileen Oberholtzer $528.00

Christine Mcarthur $524.25

Gianna Franco $523.50

Kami Mace $521.75

Heather Dodge $514.10

Chiara Cherin Rhouate $512.00

Anne Manuel $508.86

Christine Colburn $508.30

Carolyn Peters $505.11

Olivia Reininger $500.50

Tracey Benkosky $500.00


More details will be coming this week but in the meantime...

Here is the list of our teammates who are attending as of 5/24. Looking for a roommate? Post on our 1st Impressions Facebook page and we'll hook you up. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!!!

Carrie McGraw

Melissa Spiers

Ginger Pingree

Kristen Weiss

Michelle Murphy

Alicia Hackney

janet walsh

Heather Stephens

Julie Berrigan

Denise Robillard

Kimberly O'Brien

Isabel Stover

Caralee Levinson

Sandi Shim

Vanessa Young

Lynn Montgomery

Ali Schnaer

Tricia Allen

Susie Pala

Lauren Sigler

Kim Bender

Michelle Whitney

Catherine DeMello

Kate Orme

Natalie Knowles

Marie Nyland

Michele Mosher

Kate Stone

Sarah Anderson

Melissa Stevens

Abbie Micucci

Holly Henderson

Sarah Pearsall

Amy Heidke

Pamela Thomas

Ashley Nickerson

Dawn Caldicott

Paige Clairmont

Debbie Brosnan

Johanna Wong

Julie Gilbert

Catherine Pace

Anne Manuel

Kari Becker

Suzette Lipker

Julie Lutz

Caitlin Fiorito

Stephanie Gaiser

Aree Wichman

Sarah Mills

Angela Killian

Tye Moore

Shelly Hunt

Laura Alexander

Stephanie Toporowski

Adrienne Bonds

Ryann Cleary

Belanie Borchardt

Christy Colburn

Patti Butler

Amy Lapine

Dawn Maynor

Deborah Tranten

Marnie Kamensky

Cathy Balanoff

Katie Dreher

Rebecca Maas

Brittney Block

Kristina Whalley

Janice Stifler

Jaime Kemper

Linda Billings

Rosemarie Connell

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich

I can't wait to enjoy this journey with each of you! It's not too late to sign up!: http://www.cvent.com/events/joie-de-vivre-hoopla-2013/event-summary-93c9481d65d941adadaf3dd83136612b.aspx

Have a great week!