Fifth Grade December Press

Exciting happenings and upcoming events!


We would like to take a few minutes to highlight some exciting activities that have happened the past month. We will also include upcoming important events and save the dates.

Elf for Hire

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Groff's homeroom students created Elf for Hire writing pieces. See below for details!

Reindeer Day

On Tuesday December 22nd the fifth grade students participated in reindeer day. In the afternoon they:

  • Tracked Santa's root in social studies, taught by Mrs. Jones
  • Mrs. Groff put a reindeer twist on Math
  • Learned about defining characteristics of animal species by studying reindeer in science taught by Mr. Ehrmann

Teacher's teaching different subjects was a surprise for the students!

They finished the day by making reindeer crafts, sandwiches, and enjoying a relaxing movie.

Holiday Parties

For those of you that were unable to join the holiday parties, please enjoy some photos below!

January - February Events:

1/18 - School Holiday

1/19 - Wizards visit during lunch

1/22 - Proud Assembly

1/25 - Student Day off

1/29 - Seylar Movie Night - Wizard Tickets for Sale

2/10 - School Wide Spelling Bee

2/12 - Student Day off

2/15 - School Holiday

2/19 - School Assembly

2/26 - Race for Ed Kickoff Assembly

2/28 - Wizards v. Seylar Stars

Save the Date Field Trips!

Penn Central Orientation

Thursday, May 19th, 9am

144 East Walnut Street

Perkasie, PA

This is the date of our orientation during school ours at Penn Central Middle School. Please make your best effort to keep your child in school that day.

Gettysburg Historical Trip

Thursday, June 2nd, 7:15am

Gettysburg, PA, United States

Gettysburg, PA

We will take our annual trip to Gettysburg. It is an early departure and late arrival field trip. The time above is an estimate.

Camp America Day Trip

Thursday, June 9th, 9am

341 Lower State Road

Chalfont, PA

We will have our annual trip to Camp America for fifth graders for a day of fun in the sun!
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