Want a FREE aromatherapy diffuser?

Yep, I'm handing them out with a "Diffuser Challenge"

FOR THIS MONTH of APRIL ONLY - I challenge you!

I challenge you to NOT keep these awesome treasures as a secret... BUT to share with others all about the essential oils goodness, how dōTERRA products can help them AND which is the least expensive way to get them!

This challenge is only good for the month of April 2015, this is not from dōTERRA but I (Jen Buonassi) will be providing you with these well needed incentives!

"Enrollment" means: Sharing about dōTERRA with someone then walking them through on HOW to enroll with the same "Wellness Advocate" wholesale membership you have.

​If you have never shared or invited someone to enroll before, let me know and I will help direct you

Here are some tips on How to Share:

7 Ways to Share Doterra

Then Invite them to check out your personal website...yes you have one

At your website: www.mydoterra.com/yourname

They can watch short video clips to learn BUT MAKE SURE they talk to you on the phone before purchasing ANYTHING so you can help them get the best prices with a wholesale membership

Got Questions?

It's easy to share with others or make it even easier by hosting a class with friends & family OR invite someone you know to host who has been really interested in learning about the oils!

Still have questions or need some ideas? call or email me