Reading and Staying Active

Best Practice in Reading and Physical Education

Best Practice Qualities for Reading Teachers

  • Provide Visual Aids to compare to text.
  • Model their own cognitive process for students to example.
  • Create a classroom environment that is set up for collaboration.
  • Make texts accessible.
- Text is shorter rather than longer.

- Reader has access for the text to be read aloud.

- Provide background knowledge before reading.

  • Focus on Meaning
- Main goal of reading instruction is comprehension
  • Read aloud
- Reading aloud allows students to hear the rich language from the text

- Should be done at all levels

  • Do anything to get students to read.
- Practice helps gain experience.
  • Allow beginners the opportunity to interact with print.
- Listening Stories

- Participating in shared book experiences

- Acting stories out.

  • Opportunity for success
- Avoid questions that have the right answers.
  • Phonics
- Phonics is a powerful tool.
  • Give the students choice
- Encourage students to choose their own material.
  • Balance challenging books with easy books
- Provides high rate comprehension.
  • Teach reading as thinking
- Helps students understand the cognitive process.
  • Support students
  • Explain how reading is a tool for learning.
  • Daily discussion about reading
- Gives the teacher time to observe what students are getting out of their reading.
  • Provide writing experiences.

Physical Education Goals

Tools to become an effective Physical Education Educator

  • Differentiation and Maximize activity time
  • Promote Skill development
  • Stay up to date with National Standards and Best Practices in Teaching
  • Promotes a physically active lifestyle
  • Provides a safe and fun learning environment
  • Provides a sufficient amount of equipment for each student
  • Gives positive feedback
  • Set high expectations
  • Provide students with experiences that encourage students to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate various concepts related to motor skills, fitness, and physical activity participation.