Riley Hill Period 7


He is quit handsome as you may already know.He has pretty silky dark brown hair. Sodapop has the most beautiful ravishing sky blue eyes I have ever seen. Then when he looks at you, you almost begin to faint of dreaminess.


Sodapop is my favorite character because he is super handsome. He is very layed back and chilledmost known for being favorite brother to Ponyboy. When he is frustrated by someone he is not afraid to stand up for himself and use his hands. He is 16 years old and a school drop out. He is most known for being a greaser and the middle child to darry the oldest and ponyboy the youngest child.


His main job is working a the gas station. Love picking up hot ladies. Has been a smoker for a while now. Gets into multiple fights with the socs, too.

Unfortunately I have just started reading being unable to know his most prized possession.