By Jacob Pierce

BobbleHeads What are they?

Bobble heads are collectable items that are clay dolls but the head and the body are attached by a spring making the head wobble back and forth, side to side very easily.

what are they made out of?

Bobble heads are mostly made out of pottery clay. They are hand crafted. After they have been shaped they are heated and dried up then painted and put together.

the three R's

reuse- since bobble heads are made out of clay, the clay can be heated and cleaned and dried together, then putting water with it to make it most and it is ready to be used again, and reshaped.

recycle- Recycled is the same as reduced except once the clay is ready to be molded you can put it back into the earth.

reduce- bobble heads don't hurt the environment so there is no need to reduce them!