Peyton Bezehertny

My favorite things

My favorites

I love animals! I have a lot of pets. One of my favorite pets is my pet rat, Clover. My favorite food is medium-rare steak. YUM! My favorite things to do are... to play with Katie( my best friend next door), explore the creek, and woods( in our back yard) play with my pets or toys, and reading. I really want a kindle fire HD and I'm saving up. My favorite colors are blues, greens, and pinks. I really enjoy music and science is my favorite subject.

I want a pet ferret, or a pet skunk right now. I can't pick. You can get them de-skunked. Well, you kind of have to if you're going to get one for a pet, for your own saftey. (PU!) I checked out a book about ferrets. I think they're way too much work, so i'm gonna wait to get one, even if I have to wait until I have my own house. A skunk would be nice, I've seen many videos of them playing, eating, and even sleeping. There was this one skunk called 'Peaches'. It learned tricks. This just prooves I love animals!