Cardinal Post

December/January 2023

Student Voice and Student Choice

The Cardinal Post school newsletter is written by our Thorpe Creek students. Please remember that we are young authors, young journalists. We are mimicking real world journalism and writing with short deadlines and prioritizing breaking news. We hope you enjoy our articles and notice how our writing, photography, and observations grow and mature throughout this school year!

Thank you for reading!

the TCE 3rd and 4th grade Newsletter Club

Important Dates

Monday, January 16th: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Friday, February 17th: E-Learning Day (Staff Professional Development)

Monday, February 20th: NO SCHOOL - President's Day

Tuesday, February 21st: We will have school on Tuesday, February 21st- this will be our make-up for our snow day on January 25th

Thursday, February 23rd: Dress Like Your Future Career (No need for elaborate costumes! A simple prop or piece of clothing that represents a career is great!)

Friday, February 24th: Wear College Colors/Gear

Friday, March 3: PTO Candy Bar Bingo

Friday, March 10th: Third Quarter Ends

Monday, March 13th: FLEX Day (no school unless needed)

Friday, March 31st - Friday, April 7th: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

Monday, April 17th: iLearn Begins (for 2-3 weeks)

Wednesday, April 26th: 3:00-7:00 p.m. book fair in our Science Lab
Thursday, April 27th:3:00-7:00 p.m. book fair in our Science Lab
5:00-7:00 TCE PTO Pancake Dinner in our Cardinal Cafe
5:00-7:00 p.m. student writing showcase in our gym

Friday, May 19th: Field Day

Thursday, May 25th: Last Day of School

Cardinal Character- November and December

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Cardinal Character- January

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Yearbooks are on SALE

Hello TCE Cardinals! We have some important news to share with you. Yearbooks are on SALE! The cost is $16 dollars each and orders are due by March 24th. Order now at and enter the code: 14543723. Happy ordering!

Science Bowl

Let’s hear it for our 4th graders & Coach who are State Runner-Up in Science Bowl! Outstanding results for our students. Way to go students, teachers, & families!
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Book Recommendations from our TCE Cardinals

By Remley Reschly 🌈

I read a lot, and I have LOADS of books to share with you :)! Some good ones are Dragon Girls, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet, and Whatever After. Not to mention Dork Diaries, Dog Man, and Upside Down Magic series. If you want to train your cat, my top two are probably Pounce: A How to Speak Cat Training Guide and How to Speak Cat. Some good reading apps are Sora, Pebble Go, and Epic. Some other books I have read are the Big Nate series, Smile, Sisters, Ghosts, and Drama. I hope you enjoy these wonderful books! 😀

Our Learning Story

By: Delaney

There are lots of things we learn throughout our day. Here is an example of my day (4th grade) and some pictures to show you others days too!

Morning:When I get to school I unpack and do some work. I say hello to my classmates and then I listen to announcement. After announcements we have community circle.

Science: For science we switch classes. In each class we learn different things. It's fun learning from all the teachers.

Reading: On Monday we have library. For our reading workshop we independently read and have reading groups. Our teacher teaches a mini-lesson too!

Writing: For writing we are doing something called Night of Wonder’s that is were we research a natural wonder of the world. It has been a great learning experience so far!

Math: We have math everyday too!

Snack: We get a snack each day. We do different things while we eat out snacks.

Our Winter Party

By: Lauryn and Rory

Dear TCE Families,

We are going to tell you about our winter party. First we

made pipe cleaner snow flakes with beads. Then we had a

donut. It was really fun. Thank you to the parents who helped.

A Day of Books

By Abbey and Amelia

Each week for library we walk in and Mrs.Hopper will read a book from the Young Hoosier book award list. After Mrs. Hopper reads we make book choices. We make sure to have three or less books. Why do you have to return books to the library, you ask? Because other people can read them too and then you can always check them out again. There are so many books in the library. We can tell you about some of them. there are fiction and nonfiction books. There are comedies comics and adventures. Whatever grade you’re in you can find a great book. And a great book is Wonderland, Pete the Cat, Elephant and Piggy, Harry Potter, How to Steal a Dog, and many more books.

Third Grade Market Day

By: Bella and Charlotte

On December 17th, third grade had their market day. We spent a lot of time planning, creating, making a buisness plan, storefront and an advertisment for our producuts. On market day we set everything up and shopped t our friends businesses. Market day is when you create a business and sell hand made goods or services

and you have an option to shop for an hour and a half.

Hoosier Book Awards

By Ava and Hannah

When we do the Hoosier Book Awards, any time we go to the Library Mrs. Hopper shows us a chart and she tells us what book we are going to read. We read different books every time we go to the library! And we read every book on the chart and at the end of the year all the Elementary schools in the state will pick there favorite book and the one that has the most votes wins!

Letters from the world

By Riley and Harper

Have you ever wanted to learn about different places in the United States and our World. That is exactly what one of our third grade classes is doing. Mrs.Buck’s third grade students are getting letters from out of the country or state from family and friends. We have received 8 letters so far and one is even from Australia! Did you know Australia is so far. It is 9,751 miles away from our school! We have been receiving letters for about two weeks now. It is so much fun getting letters from Around the World! Each letter says a cool fact about where they live or you live.

Blankets of Hope

By: Emma and Mahlyn

Mrs. Renick and Mrs. Gabbard's class came together to do a project called Blankets of Hope. Blankets of Hope is a project were students brought in $1. If you brought in $20 you would sponsor a whole blanket for Blankets of Hope. We did get a pajama day on January 13th to raise money for Blankets of Hope. The blankets we raised money for will go to people in need. When the blankets are delivered there will be a nice note attached to it. Thank you so much for donating.

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Natural wonders of the world!

By: Madeline

"We will soon be writing about the natural wonders of the world", said Mrs.Pugel. "I hope I get to do the northern lights", I thought. Other people started asking questions about how we were going to pick our natural wonders. Mrs. Pugel said, "it would be the luck of the draw". All the forth grade classes were doing this project. It will be fun, I could not wait.

By: Keely Leonard, Addie Zollman ,and Avery Andres

There are so many natural WONDERS of the world!!! In February, all of the fourth graders will be making presentations about one of them. You can choose Niagara Falls, The Great Barrier Reef, Angel falls, Grand Canyon, and SO MUCH MORE! There are so many options! All of the fourth graders will be displaying there posters of the natural wonders. Don’t miss this experience for your fourth grader! Every fourth grader will be sharing their natural wonder of the world on that day! If you can’t make it don’t worry, during the day, students will be sharing their wonder to other classes so your student can still present there presentation. I can’t wait to see the other presentations including ours! DON’T MIISS IT!

Cardinal Chain from P.E.

By Anna and Brooklyn

Do you have a chain in your school?

Because we do. In TCE we have a cardinal chain in PE.

The cardinal chain in PE means is passed around to classes. When your class gets the cardinal chain, it means that your class as earn a chain for being nice, respectful, kind, and congratulating others. You earned it for good sportsmanship.

Congratulations you just won the cardinal chain for reading the passage!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By: Dhanya Venugopal

Hey TCE Cardinals have you ever wondered what Martin Luther King Day is? Martin Luther King Day is on January 15th. It also marks Martin Luther King's birthday. It celebrates the life and work of Dr.King. He fought for civil rights by using non violence. He fought for equal rights of all people including African Americans. He had a famous speech I had a dream. He won the Noble Prize for all his work!

Some Jokes to Make you Laugh

We all enjoy a good laugh. So dig in into our collection of GREAT jokes!

What did the Atlantic Ocean say to the Pacific Ocean? Nothing. They just waved!

Knock knock.

Who’s there? Talking Cow

Talking C-moo moo moo moo moo moo

That’s enough!- moo moo moo moo moo moo-QUIET!

Ha Ha!

Community Information

You are invited to join HSE families and other community members to participate in the great Polar Bear Plunge of 2023 held at Geist Waterfront Park on February 11th from 9-11 am! Proceeds from the event will benefit Youth Mentoring Initiative and the Fishers Youth Assistance Program. Not ready or unable to make the dip into icy waters? No problem! You may plunge virtually or sponsor in another way! For ticket prices and more information, please use the registration link or QR code below. Thank you in advance for your support of these amazing organizations!

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Mudsock Information

The Mudsock Spring league preparations are happening now and our volunteers are working hard, laying the foundation for a successful season. The easiest way to ensure your participant plays, is to register today at Early bird pricing will be available during the month of January. Beginning February 1st, registration fees will increase and some divisions will begin to form waitlists.

Students in Action

Students in Action’s CATS committee is running our 2nd Service Day Camp for your k-4 kiddos on the next e-Learning Day (February 17th)! Drop off will be at 8 am, FHS door 18, and pick up will be at 3 pm, at the same place. This Service Day Camp is $10 per child to ensure we can pay for the materials necessary for the service projects done during this day! The day camp will be mainly held in room B207, your child will need to bring their own lunch, and the high school student to elementary school ratio is 1:4, with a cap of 40 kids. We will do at least 3 service projects, as well as have time for all students to do their e-Learning work assigned by their teachers. To register for the day camp, sign-up on the sign-up genius linked below. Please email for additional information and permission slip and let us know if you have any questions!

A Note for Car Riders


Thank you for working with us each morning to follow our unloading procedures in the interest of safety and efficiency as students arrive to school.

We are asking for your help to continue to:

  • Have your child seated on the passenger side of the car.

  • Teach them to gather their belongings and independently step out of the car onto the sidewalk. (we will be available to lend an extra hand, if needed).

  • Once your vehicle is stopped along the sidewalk within the green cones, allow your child to exit the vehicle.

  • ***We ask that regardless of where you are stopped within the green cones, (toward the front, middle or back of the line), you allow your child to exit when the adults give the signal to do so.

We greatly appreciate your help and consideration!


The TCE Car Rider Line Crew 

TCE Daily Snack

Students are welcome to bring a snack with them to school each day. This is completely optional. For the health and safety. of our classmates with allergies, please only send snacks with your child that are on the TCE approved snack list.

TCE approved snacks include:

  • cheese
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Pepperidge Farms Goldfish - any variety
  • Skinny Pop

Water Bottles

Our drinking fountains will be turned back on this year, but we do also have bottle filling stations available in all of our pods! We strongly recommend that your child bring a water bottle with them each day to school. Please put your child's name on the water bottle. Thank you!

Cardinal Cafe

By: Georgia and Haddie

Everyone in the school has something called early release. It’s when a teacher from every other table takes another class outside for recess. If they don’t want to go they can stay inside until their actual teacher comes and picks them up.

The Cardinal Cafe will be following the menu below after winter break. There are a few menu changes.
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District Information

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2022-2023 eLearning Days

Elearning days

There are three different Fridays throughout the school year that are designated as E-Learning Days. These days students will NOT be at school, however will have E-Learning assignments. These days will be used for staff development. Students will learn on their own - there will be no scheduled zoom calls. These dates are below and also listed in our IMPORTANT DATES section each week at the bottom of the newsletter.

Friday, February 17th

All assignments for these days will be posted in Canvas...Need help with Canvas? The links below should help!

Parent Resources:

Student Resources:

Log-In Portals:

Student Handbook

The elementary student handbook for all HSE students is located on the TCE website following the button below to view.