Social Sustainability

Volunteering in Armidale

What is Social Sustainability?

The ability of a community to develop processes and structures which not only meet the needs of its current members but also support the ability of future generations to maintain a healthy community.

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You may be asking, how does this contribute to social sustainability?

Volunteering can benefit you and other people but it can also help future generations!

If children watch their parents volunteer then they are more likely to volunteer themselves. As the children grow up watching their parents volunteer, they think of this as normal and the cycle will hopefully continue . This means volunteering will always be around!

How else does volunteering contruibute to social sustainability?

Most people know we are living in a world where the rate of people diagnosed with depression is increasing. Do they know that volunteering helps fight the risk of depression? This means there will be more people out and about. Volunteering also lowers the mortality rate in people who are involved in a variety of volunteering activites so more people will be around for longer!