5/22/2020 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 33RD Ed.


"There is no sense walking somewhere to preach unless your walking is preaching."

~ Paraphrased from St. Francis of Assisi


What Will Next Year Look Like??

I am not even going to lie - I have no idea!!! However, we are busy planning for several scenarios. I am prayerful we can all come back together in August.....but I am also realistic and know school will more than likely look a little different for a while next fall. Most importantly, what I am sure of is that WE will figure it out TOGETHER and provide our students with the BEST.

With TEA releasing guidance on what in-person summer school can look like and the CDC releasing a document about reopening schools, social media has exploded resulting in an array of emotions among concerned parents and community members around the state and country. It is often best to remember that just because it is on the internet (or Facebook), does not make it 100% truth....take some time to research and then make a decision for yourself.

I have seen several images relating to rules on reopening schools that indicate their source is the CDC - which is true - many of the words come from an actual CDC document that was released a few days ago. While the words taken from the CDC document are accurate, what is left off is that these are mostly considerations that schools should take into account when planning to reopen. Now, there are a few 'musts' but also a lot of 'mays' and 'shoulds' in the full document as well.

If you would like to be fully informed about what summer instruction in Texas will look like, I encourage you to read the TEA document that can be found at


When reading it, look for words like must, may and should as they will tell you which things are mandates and which are recommendations.

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me, it's that teachers and principals will go to any length to take great care of kids!!

~ Kelly


Monday, May 25th


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Please take a moment to remember and honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military! I know I appreciate their brave sacrifice.


Animals in the Ag Barn

The barn is starting to fill up!! The pig pens are full and we are getting several lambs. I am happy to see the excitement and growth in the program.


Spear Phishing ~ Tech Security Tidbit

Spear phishing is often considered one of the most dangerous forms of phishing. These well-crafted malicious emails include personal details that can make them very convincing and difficult to spot.

What can you do?

~ Limit the information you are sharing on social media profiles or set the permissions on your posts to "Friends Only".

~ Read every email carefully and know what it is being requested of you.

~ Hover over links that are provided in emails before clicking on them which will show you the true path of where the link is taking you.

~ If you are ever unsure, don't click on any links or download any attachments and contact the sender directly to confirm if it was truly them reaching out.


Final Lesson from GEESE.....

Lesson 5 for educators: Make sure your honking is encouraging. With encouragement comes productivity.

Individual empowerment comes from quality honking.


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