Mrs. Thomas' Classroom News



This Month we will wrap up Unit 3- patterns! The "BIG IDEAS" for this unit are.....

  • The following skills and concepts are the “big ideas” that are developed in this theme:
    • Counting, Quantity, and Cardinality

    o Arrange and compare sets using one-to-one correspondence
    o Count by ones
    o Compare quantities
    o Build sets
    o Match numerals to sets
    o Write numbers from 0-20
    o Develop conservation of number, cardinality, and instant recognition of quantities

    • Patterning

    o Describe the relative position of objects
    o Identify, create, extend, and analyze repeating patterns

    • Identify and describe two-dimensional shapes

    o Correctly name shapes

    • Sort, classify, represent, and interpret data

This month we are asking students to continue to login to BCPS One from home, using their log-in and internal password. Then click Dreambox! Students should try Dreambox 2 or 3 times a week for 10 minutes!

Reading/ Language Arts-Homework!

Thanks to everyone that turned in their November homework calendar! It looked like students and parents enjoyed the homework activities. The December homework calendar is coming home today! At the end of the month, return the completed calendar. Also, students will be bringing home new sight words for the month of December. Please cut the words apart and attach to the ring. This is a good way to practice sight words, as new words come home each month you will add them to the ring!

In addition to the December homework Calendar, beginning this month, students will be bringing home a monthly reading log. This is a way to reinforce reading at home. students are asked to read 10 books a month with an adult and record it on the sheet. Once you have read 10 books, you can record additional books on the back. Families will only receive one reading log per month. The goal of this log is to record how often you are reading and what types of books you are reading. At the end of the month please return your reading log with your monthly homework chart.

CCSS we will continue to develop this month....

1.Title and author of the book

2. character and setting in the text.

3. Ask and answer questions about the text.

*Please reinforce these skills as you read nightly for 10 minutes!

Dates to Remember

Friday, Dec. 11- Buster the Bus (In house Field Trip)

Friday, Dec. 23- Polar Express Day! ( Wear pj's to school)

Adventures with Pete the Cat!

This month the following friends will be bringing home Pete the Cat to write about their adventures with him over the weekend!

Friday, Dec. 4- Caden Knippenberg

Friday, Dec. 11th- Lillian Knight

Friday, Dec.18- Moses Kim