Update on Summer School

Montgomery High School

Dear Montgomery Families,

This week the district sent emails and made phone calls to many of you recommending that you enroll in summer school. We recognize that this has caused confusion for some of you (especially current seniors). The list was generated from data of any student who has ever failed any class, even if you have already made it up OR if it is a class that is not required for graduation.

Of course, some of you DO need credits and SHOULD register for summer school by next week (the deadline is May 22). If you are uncertain, please contact your counselor. If you are not sure of which exact course you need, choose cyber high and we will be reviewing all of the summer school requests and make appropriate changes. All of your questions should be answered on the district website. Please click on the following link:


Have a wonderful weekend,

Julie Natalini

Dorothy Burge

Melissa Knoll

Sophear Hang


Montgomery High School