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What is ‘Excellence’?

Ever wondered what “excellence” actually means? Did you think it meant everyone achieving everything in the 90+ percentile? Actually, that’s not possible. But what is possible is that each student and teacher strives to reach their best potential, which is the meaning of the Greek word for excellence - Arete. Therefore, we are working to do our very best, and the best not for our own glory but for God’s glory. It’s great to know that as a school we value excellence, not in a illusive, lofty, or unattainable way, but in a real, achievable way where we foster a sense of individual accountability for the talents we have and are developing everyday. Perhaps in this way excellence can be seen as having diligence at its core? Worth a thought.

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HS Graduation Banquet 2013

Saturday, May 4th 2013 at 1-9pm

Ashok Country Resort, Kapashera, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Graduation Banquet

Let’s send our 12th Graders off with a wonderful time of fellowship, food, sharing, photos and more. An event for all grade 9-12 students on May 4th (Previously scheduled for May 11th). All families of the 12th Graders are warmly invited and expected to attend this occasion! We will be returning to the Ashok Country resort. Rs 1300 per person. Please mark your diaries!