Mrs. Dickau's Classroom News

For the week of January 7 -11

Welcome back to Room 117

January 7 – Our first day back from vacation

January 15 – 2 hour late start

January 21- Staff Development Day- No school

* Scattered throughout this newsletter are pictures

of our day at History Fest in October.


We are going to be talking about goals over the next few weeks and how to reach our goals. We will try to choose a goal that can be measured in some way. That way we can we how much we've grown. Success encourages more success.

Take some to time to talk over school goals with your child. We will be talking about this at school and adding to the list below.

Improved spelling percentage

A P.E. goal

Improved weekly reading test scores

A music goal

Learning all the multiplication facts- cold

Always above 80% on math tests

15 minutes on IXL at least 3 times a week

Bookopoly goal

Kahn Academy goal

Special Project goal

The list is endless. If you have questions about what kind of goal your child might set, feel free to contact me.

What's Happening in Math Right Now?

We are working hard on multiplication this week.

We have four main goals.

These are the ESSENTIAL LEARNING OUTCOMES (ELOs) for Math Unit 5.

ELOs are what will be on the state tests we take in spring.

1. Know how to multiply numbers like 26 * 31 or 78 * 64.

The way your child multiplies might be different from the way you learned.

Let them show you how they multiply double and triple digit numbers.


2. Estimate sums like 493 + 262 is about 800.

3. Add and subtract decimals like 8.4 + 6.3 or 14.75 - 8.32.

4. Measure line segments in inches and centimeters.


BRAINBUSTERS is an optional brain stretching activity. There are quite a few BRAINBUSTER participants already. I'm eager to see what happened over the break.

You and your child are welcome to explore the site. BRAINBUSTERS is a link on our class website. If you go to - Schools- Kennedy - Fourth Grade - Mrs. Dickau, you will find BRAINBUSTERS. You can also click on the site above. Happy exploring!


Most students don’t have assigned math homework. Students should work on IXL for 15 minutes each night. Students are aiming for 75% on each of the following levels: Grade Four D.1, D.2, D.5, D.6, D.8, D.9, D.11, D.12, D.15, D.16 and D.17. I am able to track their progress on line. That way I know how to encourage their progress.

Let your child explain how IXL works and what they have accomplished so far.

Reading in Room 117

Spelling Core Words Unit 14: round, dark, past, ball, girl

Unit 3 Week 4

Reading Theme: Mystic Horse

Reading Vocabulary Words: sores, loosened, mysterious, amazement, midst, responsibility, patchwork

Dictionary: Homophones- Class Contest!

Who will win the boys or the girs?

Reading Strategy: Summarize

Reading Skills: Sequence

Grammar Skill: Linking Verbs

Writing Lesson: Scene from a Play