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March 2018

What Kind of Chores are Appropriate?

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Power of Questions

The Power of Questions! Asking your child questions about the school day is a simple way to show that what they are learning and how they are doing is important to you. Answers to general questions, like “How was your day?” might not tell you much. Try to ask about things that are specific to get a conversation going. For example: “What did you enjoy most about today?” “Who was your reading buddy?” “Tell me one thing you learned today.” “What did you do at recess?”

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Dealing with a Tragic Event

Unfortunately children are being exposed more and more to tragic events. Children (and parents) need to know how to deal with these events and how to cope after it happens.

Tips to help your child deal with a tragic event:

-Limit TV Coverage.

-Be extra comforting.

-Watch for behavior changes.

-Make sure they know there are people in charge who are helping.

-Do something for others.

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February Teacher of the Month

Congratulation to Mrs. Kimberly McCay for being selected the February Teacher of the Month. She was selected by school administration and leadership for her outstanding performance in the classroom and the care she shows for each of her students.
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Did you know that we have a room FILLED with materials to help your child at home? We have anything from math games to easy readers. Our resource room is filled with many options to help with whatever skill your child may need extra help with. The best part is it is FREE to use, simply stop by the school and you can check-out what you need and take it home with you the same day. Simply return the materials whenever you are finished with them.

Upcoming Dates

March 5-9

Book Fair

March 6

Parents Night at the Book Fair (will be open from 3-6 PM)

March 12

Professional Development Day-No school for students

March 26-30

Spring Break-No School

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February Winners

Top Classes







Top 5th Grade Students

1-Xavier Goodgain *Top of school

2-Carrington Mitchell

3-Jascelynn Fair

4-Ja'Nessa Dunning

5-Brooklyn Kimbrough

6-Devon McKinnon

7-Emma Crider

8-Emeka Odiari

9-Robert Wilder

10-Sthefani Cardozo-Olmos

Top 4th Grade Students

1-JoAnna Merkerson

2-Jackson Himmler

3-Michael Dillard

4-Christopher Shipp

5-Faith Porter

6-Jacari Yow

7-A'mir Jackson

8-Jordan Cox

9-Jalen Prtichett

10-Jacari Johnson

Top 3rd Graders

1-Angel Chimal-Mejia

2-Evelyn Stanfield

3-Kadell WRight

4-Jervin Martinez-Fuentes

5-Trenton Weeks

6-Logan Mangadi

7-Micah Roberts

8-Keshaun Lewis

Top 2nd Graders

1-Matthew Hurt

2-Austin Snow

3-Rhylee Lovett

4-Maria Crider

5-Makai Gallego

6-Tayliyonna Butler

7-Lelynd Haynes

8-Jamel Poinett

9-Jayden Maddox

10-Christian Morrison

Top 1st Graders

1-Patrick Madison

2-Keyon Mattis

3-Chasten Taylor

4-Rayshod Hines

5-Zari Wright

6-Rashard Williams

7-Kylee Bothwell

8-Kaitlynn Hart

9-Andrew Carter

10-Markell Hill

Top Kindergarten

1-Marco Thomas

2-Madison Malbreaux

3-Jaeden Warren

4-Aiden Jones

5-Trinity Manuel

6-Chloe Floyd

7-Conner Esquivel

8-Bejanmin Quarshie