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Summer Ideas to Recharge Yourself


For many teachers, school is winding down and the thoughts of summer vacation have started to surface. For others, summer break is officially in full swing. But, no matter which stage of summer break you're in, there are many things you can do not only for yourself, but to make sure you're recharged for the next school year. The following are several ideas for you to gain even more knowledge, brainstorm applications, and ensure that your classroom is a magnificent place full of fresh ideas when school begins again in the Fall.

Attend Conferences

It doesn't matter how big or small, near or far, attending conferences can be an excellent way to restock your toolbox for the upcoming school year. It always amazes me how many new ideas and tech tools for the classroom I can come away from conferences with. My absolute favorite conference is ISTE. Put on by the International Society for Technology in Education, this is a gathering of over 15,000 educators from all over the globe collaborating and sharing ideas for a few days. If you're not able to go, check out the #ISTE2018 or #NotAtISTE hashtags on Twitter for updates and ideas from wherever you may be. If you happen to be at ISTE in Chicago, stop over to the Google booth on Monday from 9:30 AM - 12 noon to see me, or on Tuesday morning from 9:30 - 12 noon to see another awesome Davenport educator, Kim Foley-Sharp!

Twitter Chats

A super easy to stay connected and grab new ideas for the school year is to participate in Twitter chats. These happen all throughout the year at various hours on various days. What's even cooler about this is that Twitter is full of educators from all over the world ready to connect with and share ideas. Twitter may seem like an overwhelming social media platform, but it truly is gold mine for teachers to collaborate digitally directly from your couch. If you're looking for a chat to get started, check out the Davenport Community School District Chat, #dcsdpln, on Monday evenings at 9:00 PM CST. If you're looking for others to participate it, check out the list of Educational Twitter Chats.

Dive Into a Good Book

Another relaxing activity to prepare for the upcoming school year is to indulge in a book. Whether that means you're reading educational books or for pleasure, reading may spark some interest for your lessons. If you're wanting some terrific education-oriented books, Matt Miller over at Ditch That Textbook created a list of 10 Great Education Books for summer reading. This summer, I am looking forward to diving into Be The Wild Card, Shift This, and Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth.

Write a Blog or Create a Website

Sharing the information you discover can be beneficial to everyone...if it's shared! This is why writing a blog is a terrific idea. Each week, these Ed Tech tips are written on Smore, a site that allows you to create some really neat designs for flyers and newsletters. Additionally, you can utilize these in your classroom and have students create advertisements and flyers reflecting your current unit. Or, if blogging isn't your desired method, developing a class website allows you to be practical and have some fun designing. Adding a blog or website to your class description could springboard your excitement for next school year.

Remember to Take Time for Yourself!

No matter what you decide to do to get ready for the next school year, make sure to take some time to relax, enjoy being with your family more, and catch up on rest! I appreciate you reading these little nuggets each week and have appreciated the feedback and comments I've received, so keep 'em comin'! I wish you all a relaxing, safe and enjoyable summer break!

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