Oil Drilling in Ecuador

Devastated Nature and Ruined Lives

And the Problem is...

In Ecuador there was an oil discovery, the problem is it will release an estimated 400,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into Earth atmosphere doing this will cost not only Ecuador but the whole planet will be affected by the C02 and global warming. Since they where short on money Ecuador offered the other countries that in exchange for leaving the oil untouched to give them 3.6 billion dollars, though in the end the other countries only gave them 13.3 million dollars and they started drilling. On top of releasing tons of carbon dioxide every day Ecuador is ruining Yasuni Reserve which the oil was found under that also houses several nomdiac Indian tribes eventually only logged trees, polluted water and devastated nature will be left of it leaving the people and animals who live there ruined.


I believe that money can help them go part way but sending them supplied would be best. If we send them supplies then they can start building an infrastructure, an infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational facilities and structures of society like roads. Opening stores and getting electricity will allow the citizens to get jobs which allows them to make money and the money starts circulating from the people to the government to the people again and again making an advanced. Which benefits everyone. Who is Ecuador one two Earth because once Ecuador becomes an advanced society they don't need to oil drill for money so they will stop releasing C02 into the Earths atmosphere and lastly America because everytime a piece of equipment breaks or is damaged they will need to pay America to fix it.