Prek 4.2

Dec 7 -11

This has been a fantastic week! We enjoyed having all special person come visit to give them warm wishes on their special day. We had lots of fun – decoration g cupcakes and cookies as well as pinning the nose on the clown. Thank you for taking time to share special moments with us.

This week we have discussed how wheels are made, where they come from, and what are they made from? We have been investigating how to get air into balloons and the way they pop since wheels are filled with air as well. Moreover, we spoke about the speed of wheels and how they help us move. Together we had a race with different cars coming down from ramps, and saw how fast the car goes depends on different aspects; the steepness of the ramp, friction with the wheels, and weight of the object. Of course we are still practicing our letters and numbers with several entertaining games with our teachers and friends.

Special Person Day

We would like to thank all of our parents who took the time to come and share some special moments with our children. You are truly valued and supported in the hard work you engage in every day. It is love , dedication, patience and consistency that brings about all the progress we observe daily in our children. We could not do this our work effectively without your support. So, THANK YOU for being present every day.

Activities of The Week

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Special Visitor

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A big thank you for Diego's mom who came to work with us and helped us color and decorate with balls of wrinkled papers our small vehicles.


Sheep in a Jeep
MiMi Video for the Boys - How Many Tow Trucks

Important News FIELD TRIP!!!

Dear Parents,

PK Field Trip Announcement

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we wrap up our wheel unit, we want to celebrate it BIG! We are planning a special way to celebrate their learning and accomplishments. We will be visiting Auto Trend to learn how wheels get fixed. We will also review math and science concepts during this time.

When we come back, we will be creating a “bring your own wheel object” track.
We need your support by making sure your child has a wheeled object that day. It would be nice to have them bring in vehicles or wheeled toys like roller skates, scooters or Heelys, you may send them in with your child. If not, you may need to coordinate with someone or find a way to bring those toys to school on Thursday, December 17th and have them return back home. Each child is required to bring in their safety gear such as helmets or knee pads, to ensure a safe and joyful time .The school is not providing us with wheeled toys as we don’t have enough for each child therefore, bringing your children’s toys will be very much needed for us to have fun.

This will be a very short trip just to finalize our unit and then celebrate here in school. We are planning on leaving around 9:00 am and hopefully return around 9:00a.m. as it is located here in Brisas. We will be using the school buses as a means of transportation to and fro the Auto Trend store. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Place: Auto Trend in Brisas del Golf

Time: 9:00-10:00

Snack: ISP

Rolling Fun

Kind Regards,

Prek 4 Team

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Friendly Reminder

  • Turn in field trip permission slip by Wed. Dec 16th
  • PK 4 Holiday Party at 11:00 am. Come wearing festive clothes.
  • Friday Dec. 18th is a half day