Alaska made by Drew

The last Frontier state

Things to do in Alaska

You can go fishing in Alaska and the state fish is the salmon The salmon can weigh 100 pounds. You can go dog sled racing. Dog sled racing is one of the most popular sports in Alaska. You can ski in Alaska too A good place to ski in Alaska is the Alyeska resort .You can hike in Alaska at Alaska's Alpine Adventures.
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Thirty thousand years ago hunters traveled across a narrow strip of land to Alaska. Settlers in Alaska were called the Tlingit people. in 1741 a Russian sea captain came to Alaska his name was Vitus Bering. An Aleut word gave the state Alaska its name. The Aleut people gave Alaska it's name. Alyeska meaning the great land.

Fun Facts

The highest peak is mount McKinley at 20,320 feet. Alaska is known as the land of the midnight sun. The western tip of the Seward peninsula of Alaska is about 50 feet.