Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 5


Scene Summary

The scene starts off with a bit of comic relief to remove some of the tension readers had built up in the last scene. Capulet convinces everybody to start dancing by insulting the ladies right before he tells those crashing his party how he is getting to old for some of the things people are doing here.

Romeo who was depressed the whole way to the party, finally sets eyes on Juliet completely forgetting about Rosaline. He is absolutely astounded by her beauty, so much in fact that he says he hasn't felt true love u til this very moment. Just then Tybalt spots him instantly recognizing him.

Summary cont.

Tybalt brings the mater to his uncle, who despite being a Capulet decides to let Romeo stay at the party because he has heard that he is actually a good boy. This infuriates Tybalt but he is forced to endure Romeo's presence. Shortly after this, Romeo finally decides to introduce himself to Juliet after gawking at her for the entire party. Within 14 lines these two fall in love and kiss, twice. When the guests start to depart Romeo decides that it is time for him to leave. It is only after their interaction and separation do the two star-crossed lovers find out that the person they feel so much lust for is supposed to be their sworn enemy. Regardless they refuse to stop loving each other which cause Romeo to seek her out in the very next scene.

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After watching the movie and reading that novel, I got the impression that Lord Capulet's party was old fashioned with a big dance floor in the middle of the grand hall. Back in the time that Shakespeare set the story in, their wasn't as much to do as their now; so I pictured the part hall would be mainly centered around dancing.
Battlefield- Jordin Sparks {{Lyrics}}
When I heard this song I thought of Romeo and Juliet because it talks about how love can be a battlefield. This is the exact situation that the two starcrossed lovers have unintentionally put themselves in. They are supposed to be enemies until the day they die but they are taking it to a step to far by loving the enemy.